Do you want healthy connected relationships?

No matter what anyone tells you, relationships require attention and care to thrive. I can help you with that.


How can I feel more connected to my partner? 

I am not sure if my relationship is healthy, how can you help me figure this out? 

We are thinking of ending our relationship, can you help us decide if it is the right thing to do? And if it is, can you help us do this in a way that is the least hurtful for both my partner and myself?

My relationship recently ended and I am experiencing grief and having difficulty coping with the transition. How can I recreate my life and allow myself to be available for another intimate relationship?

Why do I keep falling into the same unhealthy relationship patterns?

I or someone in my life has an addiction and would like to find ways to manage it, what can I do?

I am having difficulty at work  with a colleague or employer, how can I resolve the conflict in an non confrontational way? 

I am having difficulty with parenting, how can I develop skills to improve my relationship with my children and help them to thrive. 

I have never had counselling before, will I feel uncomfortable? 

If any of the above questions apply to you, please contact Laurie to schedule a free 15 minute consultation, by phone or in person.

To learn more about Laurie, her practice, and services, please take a few moments to browse through this website.  If you would like to speak to Laurie or arrange for an appointment please call or email.