Laurie believes individuals have the right to lead rewarding and dynamic lives and her goal in therapy is to assist people in creating lasting change. Laurie believes her clients can best make these changes in a relationship that feels safe, accepting, and non-judgmental. Therefore, she views the counseling process as an opportunity to address her clients concerns through close collaboration.  Laurie values and respects an individual’s decisions surrounding the change she or he seeks. Laurie offers a nurturing environment and endeavours to help her clients feel heard, understood and supported while also being challenged to grow.

Laurie brings an attachment lens to the therapeutic process. This means that Laurie pays attention to the relationships in a person’s life and how those relationships may be impacting how they are feeling and behaving. Laurie understands the pain that often stems from being caught in relationships, either past or present, that do not nurture and support us.

Her approach is to implement a combination of therapeutic practices that are both time effective and appropriately suited to each individual’s situation. Her practice is informed through training in a variety of therapeutic modalities, including attachment theory, cognitive behavioural theory, somatic therapy, emotionally focused therapy, and narrative therapy.