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Counselling from your couch

Some people are understandably hesitant to make the switch to virtual counselling sessions because it’s a new way of doing things. But, if you’ve ever Facetimed, video chatted, or Skyped with friends or family, it’s very similar; you just need a computer, iPad, tablet or your phone. As many people are many people working from home, being overwhelmed with everything going on at home and the world, being in smaller spaces with either you or your partner beginning to get on one another’s nerves, counselling can be even more impactful now.

Clients have told me that they were concerned that these virtual types of sessions would feel impersonal. However, what they have said after giving it a try is that it is more convenient and comfortable. With teletherapy, you can be in the comfort of your own home, maybe in your favorite chair, using your cozy blanket or your special mug; all the things that make you feel most comfortable. Some clients have even said they feel more at ease with sharing when using teletherapy.

Another common question is, will it be as effective as in-person counselling? While teletherapy is different than face-to-face sessions and can feel like an adjustment, studies show that video or phone sessions are just as beneficial and effective as in-person sessions.

Teletherapy also allows for greater accessibility and convenience. With busy schedules, and the need for greater flexibility in our ever-changing world, teletherapy opens up a whole new frontier. Childcare issues, getting to a session on time or an overly busy scheduled have hindered the possibility of attending a session, which now can be done in the comfort of your home.

During these changing times, online therapy is the new frontier, so consider taking the plunge and trying it out. If you have any question or would like to chat further, please feel free to email me at or phone at 250 532 7891

I look forward to “seeing” you soon.