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Somatic Transformation

Somatic Transformation (ST) is a form of therapy that is aimed at relieving symptoms of trauma. The term trauma is used to describe a profoundly overwhelming event that undermines your sense of safety. Whether the traumatic event happened years ago or yesterday, it can leave you struggling with upsetting emotions, memories, or anxiety that just won’t go away. Often, it can also leave you feeling numb or disconnected, and feeling like you are unable to trust others.

Experiences that are often described as traumatic can include:

  • violence and abuse
  • car accidents
  • intrusive medical procedures
  • serious injuries
  • sudden death of someone close
  • natural disasters

An experience is more likely to be traumatic if:

  • it happened unexpectedly
  • you felt powerless to stop it
  • it happened repeatedly
  • it was done by someone in a position of power

If you have experienced any form of trauma, Laurie provides a space to help you make sense of these experiences and move toward healing. Somatic Therapy (ST) is a powerful approach, that offers a variety of benefits for healing trauma. As our bodies remember both physical and emotional injuries, ST can help to change how our bodies remember and hold onto the traumatic event. The aim of ST is to restore inner balance, and provide deep healing.

If you think Somatic Transformation therapy could help you, call or email Laurie to book an appointment or a free consultation